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Talon Bino-To-Perch Adapter

Talon Bino-To-Perch Adapter

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Mount your binos on Stabil-Eyes™ or any mount with the FalconviewPerch™ grip…

Multiple binoculars? The Talon makes them instantly interchangeable with the Stabil-eyes Binocular Sighting System. Just screw your Talon into any standard binocular receptacle, then press the front of the Talon as you slip it onto any Falconview Perch™ adaptor, either on Stabil-Eyes or a tripod mounting Perch. Release and your binoculars are locked and loaded, ready for easy viewing.

No limit to the number of binoculars you can mount to your Stabil-Eyes or any Perch. Get a Talon for each of your own binos, and give them as gifts for the people you glass with.

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