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It's the Hands-free, Fatigue Free, Steady Way To Glass

What the Stabil-Eyes Binocular Sighting System Achieves…

Beyond hands-free, fatigue free glassing, in developing Stabil-Eyes we determined it had to be entirely self-contained and as easy to carry and use as a regular binocular harness. Carrying extra parts or having to assemble pieces in the field was simply NOT acceptable.

It obviously had to house the binoculars on the telescoping monopod, but it also had to be close to the same size as medium-to-large bino harnesses. And it certainly could not interfere with the user’s ability to shoot either a gun or a bow. It would have to accommodate most of the additional functions of traditional binocular harnesses like carrying rangefinders, wind checker, calls, field guides, etc.

And finally, because the inventor is left handed, he made sure key items were accessible with either hand. Stabil-Eyes had to be ambidextrous.

We think what we came up with is a pretty sensational solution!

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How Stabil-Eyes Works…

The Stabil-Eyes pack features a front down-folding cover that permits easy, on-the-go deployment of your binoculars. By adjusting the harness and the 3-section monopod, Stabil-Eyes will fit for just about anyone and everyone.

Once deployed, you can glass hands-free, or if necessary with very slight pressure applied on the bottom monopod section, toward the back side of the pack.

You Get Ultimate Flexibility with the Talon&Perch Quick Connect

The Talon&Perch™ Quick Connect System allows you to quickly disconnect and reconnect your binoculars to Stabil-Eyes, or any other accessory equipped with the Perch mount.

You'll be able to get Perch tripod mounts, extra Talons for multiple binos, or extra Talon&Perch sets.

Protect Your Rangefinder & Access it With Either Hand

No need for a separate rangefinder case that always seems to be located on the wrong side from where you need it in the moment.

Stabil-Eyes features a built-in rangefinder "shelf" that keeps your rangefinder safe, secure and protected. And most important, quickly and easily accessible with either hand, at any time.

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Here’s what you can do & what you’ll get with your Stabil-Eyes Binocular Sighting System.


    • Enjoy steady glassing for extended periods of time without “Shaky Bino Syndrome.”
    • Operate with no hands (or 1 hand) for extended glassing periods without fatigue.
    • Instantly react to moving view opportunities in the field.
    • Quickly and easily move from location to location in response to changing conditions in the field.
    • Dramatically increase your range of steady viewing.
    • Minimize the need to carry a heavy, space-consuming tripod.
    • Eliminate tedious, slow, set-up and take-down, deployment and stowage hassles of tripods.
    • Enjoy broader gridding range with greater, easier control than you can get with a tripod.
    • Instantly share your binos with a companion with the unique Talon&Perch™ Quick Connect release, then just as quickly return the binos to your Stabl-Eyes system.
    • Use the Talon&Perch Quick Connect to mount binos on a tripod or window mount whenever you want.
    • Keep all important accoutrements with you and easy to access, including cell phone, licenses and ID, game calls, etc. in the zip-able rear pocket.
    • Keep wind-checker, game calls, etc handy with front mesh sleeve and access them with either hand quickly and easily.
    • Easily access your rangefinder or other accessories with 1 hand from the closable, protected front pocket.


    • Self-contained pack, monopod and harness for binoculars
    • Monopod infinitely adjustable for perfectly comfortable glassing
    • Angle infinitely adjustable & lockable for steady elevation control (degrees of adjustment)
    • Adjustable harness for fit and height of user
    • Wide base, reinforced pack for added stability
    • All aluminum mechanism for light weight and durability... far lighter than a tripod
    • Built-in rangefinder pocket for easy access & stowage
    • Rangefinder lanyard strap to prevent loss or droppage of range finder
    • Front mesh sleeve for calls, wind checker or other accessories
    • Rear Zip pocket for cellphone license, etc.
    • Quiet magnetic closure of bino & rangefinder compartments with bungy hooks for total security
    • Water resistant fabric
    • Accommodates binoculars up to 7.5x5.6”
    • Talon™ Quick Connect to share binoculars with companions
    • 1-hand binocular stowing mechanism
    • Comfortable, breathable, lightweight harness
  • See For Yourself, 1-Year Guarantee

    First, with your pledge backing Stabil-Eyes, we will NOT charge your card until we place our 1st factory order. If we don't place that order, your card will never be charged and your privacy and data will be protected. We anticipate delivery of product about 4 months from the date we place the initial order.

    Second, once you receive your Stabil-Eyes, we're confident you'll find it a real game changer for viewing with binoculars. But YOU'LL Never know until you try it for yourself.

    So… we're giving you 1 full year to put Stabil-Eyes through your paces. Use it through multiple seasons in all kinds of conditions. We back the performance, materials and workmanship. If it breaks, we'll repair or replace it.

    But most importantly, if at any time during that year, you decide Stabil-Eyes doesn't actually revolutionize the way you use binoculars, just return it for a full refund of the purchase price.

Stabil-Eyes™ FAQs

Is it bulky?

Stabil-Eyes is similar in size to other binocular harness outfits. It is smaller than some and makes better use of space than most. It takes up a lot less space than a tripod.

Is it heavy?

Because Stabil-Eyes incorporates a monopod assembly to hold your binoculars, it’s about 11.5oz heavier than most standard binocular harnesses. However, since it is carried on your chest, it actually provides a counterbalance to your backpack and users report they don’t notice any extra weight at all. A typical tripod, by comparison will add well over 2 pounds – often much more – and unbalance your pack.

How fast can I deploy my binoculars with Stabil-Eyes?

Our testing shows that fully deploying Stabil-Eyes – that is from closed pack to fully deployed, locked, and eyes to binos – can be done in 8-12 seconds.

But remember that full deployment is not always necessary. If you simply want to bring your binoculars up for a quick look, you may elect not to lock them down. In this case, deployment will only be a couple of seconds longer than pulling your binos from a regular binocular harness pack. In fact, depending on your harness pack’s configuration and your binocular’s fit in that pack, Stabil-Eyes may actually be faster, whether deploying for a quick look, or fully locking Stabil-Eyes in place.

In any case, deploying your binoculars in Stabil-Eyes is a far cry faster than mounting them on a tripod. And when it comes to stowing your binos, Stabil-Eyes can actually be faster than your regular binocular harness. Deploying and stowing can easily be done on the move. Try that with a tripod!

How steady is viewing with Stabil-Eyes?

Stabil-Eyes is infinitely more steady than hand-holding your binoculars, resting them on your bow or trekking pole, or finding a rock, branch or your knees to rest them on. You can steadily glass almost indefinitely with Stabil-Eyes, without the fatigue of any hand-holding method. It is not as steady as a tripod, of course, but it is far more flexible and easy to use than a tripod. And you’re likely to find that reacquiring a viewing target that has moved away from your field of view is easier than doing so with tripod-mounted binoculars.

Will Stabil-Eyes get in the way of my shot?

Stabil-Eyes has been field tested in big and small-game bowhunting situations and in 3D archery events, shooting uphill and down at various angles and ranges, and navigating numerous obstacles. All without hindering shot mechanics.

As for rifle shooting, you’ll need to account for the same considerations you would with any binocular set-up. It’s fine for shooting from standing or sitting positions. You may want to remove Stabil-Eyes when lying down to shoot, or at least remove the binoculars from the pack. Easy to do with the Talon&Perch™ mounting assembly.

Can I use the Stabil-Eyes mechanism with my current bino harness/pack?

Other binocular packs are not made to accommodate anything other than the binoculars themselves. You could not fit your Stabil-Eyes mechanism and your binoculars in a pack that is not made for that purpose. Therefore, you must utilize the full Stabil-Eyes Binocular Sighting System, which is durably built for years of demanding service in the field.

How can I glass hands-free?

When you deploy your binos with Stabil-Eyes, make sure you lengthen the monopod so your head is NOT bending forward to see through your binoculars. This will typically require you to set the binoculars a little higher than you may originally have thought. Then, as you set the tilt attitude of your binos, you’ll want them tilted a little more down than you originally anticipated. Play with it and you’ll soon discover the point where you can comfortably glass for extended periods, hands-free.

Can I glass hands-free looking down hill?

You may need to employ one hand to keep your binoculars on your eyes when glassing downhill, and even on the flat if you haven’t adjusted your Stabil-Eyes properly. However that one hand is easily grasping the Stabil-Eyes monopod down near your chest, instead of up near your eyes. Arm fatigue is completely eliminated and steady glassing can continue for extended periods.

What about focusing my binoculars?

Unlike hand holding your binoculars, with Stabil-Eyes, you can focus with just 1 hand and it can be either hand. Since the stabilizing mechanism is holding your binos steady, at your eyes, simply operate the focus wheel with either hand to bring your glassing target into sharp focus, and keep it there.

How does “gridding” work, compared to a tripod?

You’ll find that Stabil-Eyes actually provides a more effective and efficient gridding process when trying to locate animals or other viewing targets. Unlike tripods, Stabil-Eyes allows your binos to move with you from left to right and right to left, for more comfortable glassing over longer periods. By leaving one of the monopod sections untightened and controlled with your fingers, you can also more easily control the elevation of your binoculars as you grid. Once you locate a target, however, a tripod will maintain that position better than Stabil-Eyes, and allow you to move out of the way to permit viewing by a companion. Stabil-Eyes can’t do that, obviously, because it’s actually mounted to the user’s body.

What size of binoculars will Stabil-Eyes accommodate?

That depends on the make and model of binoculars. Generally, any pair of binoculars with a length of 7.5 inches or less, and a width of 5.6 inches or less will fit in the current model of Stabil-Eyes.

Will Stabil-Eyes work with higher power binoculars?

You will find that Stabil-Eyes improves the effectiveness of your glassing with any pair of binoculars that you would normally hand-hold. And in fact, the more powerful your binos, the greater the benefit you get from Stabil-Eyes. As a result, you may be able to increase the power of your binoculars. For example, if you’re normally comfortable hand-holding 10x42 binoculars, you may find using 10x50s or even 12x50s to be more comfortable and effective with Stabil-Eyes. Of course, you’ll be thrilled with the improved steadiness and viewing capacity you get with your 10x42s as well.

Isn’t this a little too gimmicky… a little too “Inspector Gadget”?

There have been attempts to solve the “Shaky Binocular Syndrome” problem that are complex and gimmicky, but not Stabil-Eyes. This is a simple, elegant solution that can be used by anyone who uses binoculars. The mechanism is straightforward and easy to operate, and both the pack and mechanism are well-made and durable. At the end of the day, though, we suggest you give it a try for several expeditions. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. Don’t forget, you have a 1-year “See For Yourself” Guarantee, so you can really put Stabil-Eyes through its paces.

What kind of hunts is Stabil-Eyes best suited for?

Stabil-Eyes can be used by anyone on hunts of any kind.

If you’re a still hunter who brings your binos up frequently but only for a few seconds at a time, Stabil-Eyes will fit that style, but also provide the additional stability to pause and glass a little longer. 

If you’re a spot and stalker who likes to spot and move, Stabil-Eyes is ideal. You can glass for seconds, or up to 10, 15, 20 minutes or longer. You can grid distant areas over longer periods, without having to shed your pack, pull out that bulky tripod, set it up, and mount your binos, all before you can glass. And heaven forbid you see something on the move and have to go through the entire process in reverse before you can begin your stalk.

Finally, if you’re an extended-sesssion glasser who typically spends hours behind your binos and spotting scope, Stabil-Eyes makes it easier to initially spot your target before switching to a scope. Or, using our Talon&Perch tripod adapter, you can dismount your binoculars from Stabil-Eyes in an instant, and immediately “perch” them on your tripod.

Discover for yourself how to adapt The Stabil-Eyes Binocular Sighting System to your style of binocular use. Remember, you have that 1-year “See For Yourself” Guarantee, so you can really put Stabil-Eyes through its paces.