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Talon&Perch™ Tripod Adapter

Talon&Perch™ Tripod Adapter

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New Talon&Perch™ Quick Connect Tripod Adapter makes your binoculars incomparably secure. 

Now you can quickly mount or dismount your binoculars to your tripod without the incessant screwing and unscrewing. The Stabil-Eyes™ system’s “Talon” fits any standard 1/4x20 binocular receptacle. Screw it in once and forget it. Then simply depress the Talon’s spring-loaded casing, slip it over the Perch and release. The Talon grabs the Perch for steady, secure tripod viewing. Screw in, and Arca-swiss compatible.

More Options To Complete Your Binocular Sighting System

Whether you get Stabil-Eyes or not, you'll want a quick way to connect Binos and Tripod, without all the hassle. The Talon&Perch™ Quick Connect coupling from Falconview is the fast, easy, affordable answer. Using the same patented mechanism as Stabil-Eyes, you screw your Talon into your binoculars' standard 1/4x20 receptacle 1 time, then easily mount and dismount your binos onto and off of the Perch tripod adapter in an instant.

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